Technologically Challenged

In a world where there seems to be more electronic gadgets than people, I’m hesitant to admit just how technologically challenged I am. Really, it’s pretty embarrassing when you think about it; I have trouble working our Blu-Ray player and digital TV at the same time, but think I’ve finally figured out the nuances of the iPod and subsequently iTunes. Sure, I have accounts with Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace, but to actually get in there and customize any of those sites to me is almost as daunting as climbing Mt. Everest. Thankfully I have people who love me enough to help me; otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken this next step – blogging!

Several of my early stories were written in a spiral notebook and then edited while typing it into Word on my computer. Although it was a hassle to basically do my work twice, it did help me remember what my flow was to begin with and keep on track. Well, that and I have a horrible time with dropping words here and there (they’re in my head, but somehow they don’t make it to paper or screen). Now though, I usually just ‘write’ on my laptop and have someone read over it chapter by chapter in case I’ve made any grievous errors. Let’s just say I’m thankful I’m not charged per mistake otherwise I’d become broke inside a year! I’m seriously contemplating going back to actual pen and paper, I’m sure you can figure out why.

Yes, I’m one of many millions who is thinking about getting an e-reader; the idea that I can carry so many ‘books’ in one device has appeal. However, I still love the feel and smell of actual books, which is a conundrum for me since I hate the thought of so many trees being cut down just for my reading pleasure. So, if I did take the plunge, which one should I get? What do I really need it to do? Do I really need another cord to keep track of? Considering I just had to plug in my ‘Smartphone’ because I let it completely die overnight, I’m thinking…uh… NO!

So why am venturing into this world of bloggers? Simple, I’m an Author and I want to meet other people while those same people can get to know me and (hopefully) my work. Hopefully though you can be patient while I’m getting a foothold in what I’m calling something ‘new.’


About Janice Grove

Among other things, I'm the Author of the book, "The Rain Song" - the first in a mini-series of six books, each one named after a Led Zeppelin song. "The Rain Song" is currently available for sale on Amazon as well as many bricks and morter book stores, while the others are written and waiting very impatiently to be edited and ready to go to print. I have a wonderful family who understands better than I do when I call one of them by a character's name, forget what room I was walking into and why, and yes... go off in my own little world when a scene or dialogue just won't let me go.
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