Cover Reveal: Tanya Contois’ Cloaked in Darkness!

When I heard that Tanya Contois was looking for a blog to do her big cover reveal, I had to jump at the chance! Not only is she published with her Wicked Little Lies series, but also has started her own editing/proofreading business, continues to review books, and keeps up with her pages to help authors promote their works. To say this lady is busy as well as dedicated is an understatement!

Therefore, without further delay, here is the cover for her latest project, Cloaked in Darkness, slated for release later this month! Make sure to check out Wicked Little Lies in the meantime, as well as befriend Tanya to stay up to date on her latest and greatest reads. Congratulations, Tanya!

Where to buy the Wicked Little Lies Series:

Where to find Tanya Contois:


About Janice Grove

Among other things, I'm the Author of the book, "The Rain Song" - the first in a mini-series of six books, each one named after a Led Zeppelin song. "The Rain Song" is currently available for sale on Amazon as well as many bricks and morter book stores, while the others are written and waiting very impatiently to be edited and ready to go to print. I have a wonderful family who understands better than I do when I call one of them by a character's name, forget what room I was walking into and why, and yes... go off in my own little world when a scene or dialogue just won't let me go.
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